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ICU - Interface & Communication Unit


The ICU - Interface Communication Unit is a low-cost , powerful, wired/wireless data acquisition and control unit that is part of a SCADA Light / Meter Reading System. It is equipped with an onboard Cellular/Ethernet module and enhanced software capabilities to enable monitoring and control of field devices. Typical applications include remote meter reading and small SCADA systems for water, security, street lighting, traffic lights, etc.


The ICU communicates with Larotec's ISG Ė Internet Server Gateway via cellular communication (2G/3G), Ethernet, satellite, and Internet infrastructures. Larotec's ICU is ideal for M2M applications where a smart device is connected to the network, combining low-cost cellular/Ethernet communication with the flexibility to interface with variety of devices in the field. It can also serve as a transparent modem between smart devices with RS232/485 connectivity to a host data collection server/ control center. The ICU uses a wide range of digital and analog inputs and a command output.

Collected data can be transmitted to Larotec's central management software - ISG using TCP/IP connectivity over any available communication networks. The ICU supports a bi-directional connection that allows remote control of devices for actions such as sirens, pumps, door controls, power breakers reset, and supply shut-offs for electricity or water, etc. All data and events from the connected devices are time tagged by the ICUís real-time clock.

The ICU stores the data in its non-volatile memory and performs data logger functions. The data is analyzed, compressed and sent to the ISG at requested time intervals or preset polling from the ISG for further analysis, monitoring and control. Some local processes can be performed by the ICU.