Connecting Machines to People


Larotec System Platform


Online comprehensive M2M (Machine to Machine) solution for monitoring and managing large-scale multiple remote devices.


Larotec's off-the-shelf integrated software and hardware intelligent platform is an ideal solution for Utilities, Homeland security, Enterprises with distributed sites in wide areas, or owning Sub Critical Infrastructures, Manufacturing plants, and other various users.

The system enables them to gain control of their widespread devices, no matter how many they have.


The Point-to-Multipoint Platform uses standardized building blocks, Wireless Digital Data Transmission and Internet technology to manage multiple devices in several remote locations enabling them to interact with IT systems of organizations or companies without human intervention.


The system delivers a Cost-Effective solution with advanced centralized application software, reducing customer's devices down time, loss of revenue and increasing budgetary control and forecasting capabilities.


Larotec System Components:


The solution is based on two main components:


ICU (Interface and Communication Unit) - A wired/wireless data acquisition and control unit with integrated cellular/Ethernet module and embedded software capabilities that enables remote devices/sensors to securely communicate through a central management software (ISG).


ISG (Internet Server Gateway) - A web-based software-platform that remotely manages and monitors the ICUs by securely collecting, storing, analyzing and presenting data. The ISG provides real-time notifications, updates and alerts using SMS and emails.

View system Architecture Scheme.