Larotec became a division of Beeper Communications Ltd.



Telefonica S.A have accomplished the process of homologation of Larotec Web2M system as an authorized provide of Telefonica.


This process allows Laotec to supply Telefonica its advanced Web2M system for smart metering.

Larotec  has already delivered the first commercial order to Telefonica in December 2010. The smart Metering as  part of the Smart Grid is a rapidly growing market and the solution provided by Larotec is flexible and includes many advanced functions such as:Transparent mode,remote programming , get data now and etc.






Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) has chosen Larotec and Cellcom AMM solution to implement IEC first large Smart Metering project for C&I consumers

(April 2010)


Larotec Ltd. and Cellcom (largest Israel Cellular operator) won the project of Advanced Meter Management (AMM) for IEC's C&I consumers and was chosen over more than 10 leading providers.




Kerosense - provider of fuel management solution and Larotec partnership and issue first release of complete fuel management solution

(June 2009)

Kerosense and Larotec have jointly develop a a complete  solution that answers all aspects of fuel asset management and fuel theft prevention, based on vast experience of Kerosense experts for fuel application and Larotec engineers for remote management technologies.


Strauss - an international Food Corporation is implementing Larotec’s Web2M™ for Energy Data Management for its Logistic centers (April 2009)

This is the 2nd PO received by Strauss as part of ongoing implementation process of the Web2M™.

In this project Larotec’s Web2M™ will be used as an Energy Data Management (EDM) solution for monitoring and managing energy consumption and efficiency at Strauss’s logistic centers 



Larotec receives an additional PO from a leading Israeli Cellular operator for Energy Monitoring of its Base Station sites (Dec 2008)

This is the 3rd PO received by Pelephone as part of an ongoing implementation process of the Web2M™ within Pelephone’s Base Station sites  

Larotec’s Web2M was chosen by a South American water utility for its Automatic Meter Management project (July 2008)

This is the first phase of the project for remote monitoring of industrial and commercial water meters and will be deployed in sites throughout the country by end of 2008.


Larotec at the “Metering Europe 2008” September 22nd-24th, Amsterdam

Larotec has presented its Web2MTM solution together with DataGenic ( at the “Metering Europe 2008” event.

Combining the forces of award winning technology, DataGenic and Larotec provide an integrated off=the-shelf application, with built in out-of-the-box functionality to levels of automation and scalability which meet the current and future needs of utilities.

Main features provided by DataGenic/Larotec solution to utilities are Connection to meter systems, Real time Alerts, validations, Error Handling, Estimations, Custom Business Rules, Meter Data Access, Revenues Protection, Advanced Meter Data Repository, Auditing, Reporting…


Larotec has concluded its second round of financing of $3M (Jan 2008)

The investment round was led by Athlone Global Security Group (AGS) in collaboration with a world leading investment bank.

AGS is an investment company specializing in Home Land Security (HLS).

Doron Almog Chairman of AGS Group and an IDF retired General stated that “Secured wireless communication between sensors and devices is a very important element in all security systems and solutions. In the HLS market Sensor Management is a high growing segment.

Larotec’s technology enables fast deployment, scalability, modularity and flexibility of logistics – which are all essential factors for removal of the barriers for efficiency which other available solutions are facing”.

This funding reflects the high confidence of the investors in Larotec’s technology and in the company’s ability to become a world leader provider of advanced M2M solutions. This funding will assist Larotec to continue with its ongoing efforts to further improve its technology and expand its world wide activities.


Larotec was awarded a contract for providing a fraud and loss prevention solution to a Lottery of a country in Latin America (Feb 2008)

Larotec’s Web2M™ was approved by the relevant legal and regulation authorities and will be implemented by a local company which is the provider of the authorized Lottery software


Larotec at the Interpolitex 2007 in Moscow - (Nov 2007)

Larotec has presented its platform for Homeland Defense central applications management together with “Athlone Global Security” Group at the 2007 Interpolitex event in Moscow.

Larotec implements secure M2M communications via wireless technologies and cellular networks. Its state-of-the-art, web centric ICU management and control systems are the platform of choice for HLD customers around the world.

More info about the Interpolitex 2007 event at:


Larotec from Israel was awarded the tender for setting up a monitoring and control system for the national electricity market management organization in Argentina (June 2007)

Larotec was awarded the tender of Compania Administradore del Mercado Mayorista Electrico (Argentina's national electricity market management organization – CAMMESA) for providing a technological solution for setting up a monitoring and control system for the largest electricity consumers in the country. The solution offered by the company was preferred over the solutions of 8 other leading companies.

According to industry estimations the, the scope of the project, including computerization and communication, is about a million and a half US dollars. This is the setup of the first stage of a project that has already started and will be completed during the summer.

The new system, which is based on Larotec's Web2M™ platform requires real-time information and very high availability and reliability levels. The system will monitor the total consumption of the major electricity consumers and enable the electricity companies to track and control the demand of major customers in northern and central Argentina for adjusting its production and improving its service. The solution offered by Larotec includes the communication unit and the dedicated software for managing and controlling the units for optimized utilization of electricity consumption.

Larotec's CEO, Alon Lumbroso stated that this tender is of national importance and is intended to reduce unexpected power cuts and to increase the stability of the national grid.

Larotec's solution was selected as the optimal - allowing convenient command and control using Internet and cellular communication.

Other Electric companies worldwide, as well as Israel's Electric Corporation (IEC), are also examining the integration of better monitoring and control systems for the consumption of major customers for improving the coordination between demand and supply (production) at any given time, particularly during peak demand.

June 2007


Larotec solution was selected by the Israeli Aircraft Industry (IAI) to monitor energy consumption (2006)

In 2006, Israel's Aerospace Industries (IAI), a multi-billion dollar corporate has tested Larotec's Web2M solution for its internal sub-metering needs.

IAI is a major customer of IEC consuming around 20$M of electricity annually and distributing it internally to its plants which are profit centers.

IAI's clear need was;

  • Advanced monitoring and billing to internal “users” within the corporate.
  • Users profiling– for monitoring of changes in pattern of consumption and malfunction of equipment
  • 100% accurate billing on a timely basis (fixed date billing for all users)

After successful testing, IAI has decided to implement Larotec's solution in some of its major sites and has purchased dozens of ICUs for monitoring hundreds of meters. The units have been successfully installed and are operating to their satisfaction.

Estimations for this project were more than 20K$ annual saving on manual reading costs and more than 2% annual saving on power consumption – which led to an ROI estimation of less than 6 months.